SpeecHWareNet (I) Pvt. Ltd is a research company specializing in emerging consumer electronics market, business technologies and innovations. SpeecHWareNet Lab focuses on driving innovations across several trends identified by the company that are set to transform the businesses of our valued clients globally. At SpeechWareNet Lab, we're passionate about online technologies and creating better and more participatory experience for our consumers.
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SpeecHWareNet (I) Pvt. Ltd

SpeecHWareNet (I) Pvt. Ltd is a research company under the operational umbrella of IIT-G incubation program that specializes in emerging consumer electronics, business technologies and innovations.

At SpeecHWareNet, we are planning to provide innovative , creative products and solutions in voice recognition domain, Smart phone applications basing our products on open source technologies to our customers.

Our Mission is to develop innovative and creative products in IT industry and provide the advanced solutions, services and expertise's to our clients to streamline business processes to achieve their goals. Our product areas are innovative and cost effective as they are intended for developing countries like India bringing in the right blend of fresh graduates/students and the commercial experience of our core team members.

Our engineering team of speech scientists, voice user interface designers, emerging talented software engineers and experienced support personnel having years of practical experience in the development and integration of speech recognition technology,and other software domains aim towards innovating new technologies that satisfy our customer needs.Our goal is to set up a healthy, successful company that is a leader in end customer service and gain the confidence of customers by providing customized solutions with exceptional customer service.

SpeechWareNet UK Ltd is the Technology Partner of SpeechWareNet (I) Pvt Ltd.
Contact Details (SpeechWareNet UK ):
23, Oakleigh Park,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
Post Code: BT6 8RF


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